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Justin could almost see her face as she held out her ivory hand beckoning him to come to her.  Who was this mysterious creature and why was it always the same dream? It was the summer of Justin’s fifteenth birthday and his dreams were about to become reality.  Justin Willows was born with a very special gift, the unique ability with his sketching and painting to capture nature particularly the oceans unlike anything the world had seen before.  The young lad was about to embark on an adventure that would change his life and lead him on a crusade to protect the oceans and all of the mysteries they hold.


 A book of original  lyrical children’s poems I wrote as a fundraising project in support of the Kiwanis Club's efforts to provide education and protection against AIDS for children in the Caribbean. The Caribbean has the second highest incidence of AIDS in the world, second behind Africa, and pregnant women are passing the virus onto their babies.


Many of my poems and biographical stories have been published in Downhome Magazine, Bread n' Molasses Magazine and Chicken Soup for the Soul. My poem "Sentinel" won the 2013 Castaway Poetry Competition in Rockingham, Australia.



 There are times when things happen the way they do because they are part of an intricate plan we are not meant to understand until the timing is right. 

On the corner of Vine and Harvey, in the little mining town of Brandon, Manitoba Kwon Lee finds serenity in his jungle-like garden. But he’s the only one who can see the beauty in the chaos that surrounds him. 

His once famous oriental garden, with elaborate trellises, genuine jade interlaced footpath and rare, exotic flowers, had been featured in Better Homes and Gardens. But that was before he became a recluse, withdrawing in sorrow from the community he loved. 

What begins as a harmless prank lands three fourteen-year-old best friends in a whole lot more trouble than they bargained for. A mistakenly shattered window brings them face-to-face with the man on whose property they are illegally trespassing. 

Terrified they’re going to end up with criminal records, they agree to the insurmountable task of restoring the old man's wretched garden. But as they begin to strip away the years of neglect, something beautiful begins to emerge. 

It’s a time of personal growth for Cassidy, Tanner and Michael as they learn the intricacies of nature, while reaping the rewards of a wonderful friendship with a man unlike anyone they’ve ever met.



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