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Book Review For Sketches Of Destiny

This is the most uplifting and well-told tale I have had the pleasure of reading in a very long time. We begin with a “chance” meeting between a 15-year-old boy and a mermaid named Marina. And it gets ever better and richer as we follow the life of Justin as he carries Marina's dire message forward to the masses through his compelling artwork. Threading through all this is a childhood friendship which comes to full bloom in the final chapter. In this story, everyone does live happily ever after, and I found this to be very refreshing. Annabel Sheila writes with clarity and the reader is drawn ever forward as this story unfolds to a very satisfying conclusion. A must-read for anyone who cares about the wellness of planet Earth, and about good endings. ~Reviewed by Ted L Glines

Here is a poem Ted L Glines (a gifted writer) wrote about my book.  Thank you Ted!

by Ted L Glines

Blue and emerald depths
Marina's deep-sea foam
once during her life
she is allowed to roam
walking on the land
with real legs and toes
feel that crunch of sand
sea breeze perfume thrills her nose
such a brief sojourn
playing on the land
dreaming dreams of her kind
ocean vastness so grand
too soon to return
way below where we sail
swimming crystal depths unknown
with her mermaid's tail
on craggy cliffs by the sea
Marina meets a young man
a boy with magick in his art
his heart ready for her plan
and on her last and final day
full of sketching talk and play
this young man gained a mission
an awesome life-long mission
before she smiled and swam away
Marina dove into the sea
sings her dream beneath the blue
more than this I will not say
nor spoil this story for you
time for you to take a peek
to take an overdue look
at the marvelous tale
which is told in this book.

Book Review for Tell Me A Story

REVIEW: In "Tell Me A Story," Annabel Sheila presents 27 charming poems for children, full of clear images and simple lessons. Children will love hearing these poems as they learn to read them. Poems are accompanied by equally charming original artwork by Annabel Sheila. Parents and teachers will find "Tell Me A Story" both entertaining and softly educational.
Review by Ted L Glines

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